The October 12th Fall Retreat is coming up soon and is looking to be another great day of training in the Straw bale Octagon in Madoc. We are lucky once  again to have Scott and Liz offer us a traditional Okinawan meal at Sunny Side Up across the road from the Arts Center where the retreat will be held.
They are offering two dishes each costing 12.99. There will be a staggered sitting to help out with getting everybody's meals in a timely fashion. Please indicate the 5:15 or 5:30 option as well as your meal choice when you call to book your meal with them. To book your meal please call 613-473-0765.

Sweet and Sour Chicken;    tender chunks of dark thigh meat marinated in soya sauce and garlic breaded with a fine coating of tempura batter and deep fried, sauteed in a sweet and sour sauce (home made, not the bright red sweet chinese sweet and sour, but with red and yellow peppers, cashews etc. (secret ingredients) served with Japanese white rice, garden salad with cream sesame dressing, miso soup and fruit.


Chicken Katsu; one breast of chicken butterfly cut and breaded with Panko (Japanese bread crumbs) and deep fried, served with a special fruit vegetable sauce, Japanese white rice, garden salad with cream sesame dressing, Miso soup and fruit.

I'm looking forward to seeing everybody that can make it out.