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Magwood’s Martial Arts Online Zoom Platform Group Classes July 2020

Tuesday Mornings

9:30 am - Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Internal Marital Arts

11:00am - Jiu Jitsu and Karate

Wednesday  Evenings

7:00pm - Kung Fu, Hsing I Chuan (12 Animals Study)

7:30pm - Kung Fu, My Jong Law Horn Pai (Tam Tuey Study)

Thursday Mornings

9:30am - Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Internal Martial Arts

11:00am - Kung Fu, My Jong Law Horn Pai

Group Classes will be recorded and made available to members for anytime access.

All Access Online Group Class membership - $60 a month. Family rates available. 

(sliding scale fees are available to make sure classes are accessible to all during these hard times please contact me for more details)

Contact us now to sign up.

Train What You Want When You Want

All Access Group Class Membership will include links to participate in all Live Zoom Group Classes as well as access to the recorded class archive for viewing classes on your own time or reviewing previous classes.

Class fees can be made via Etransfer to or cheque or money order payable to Greg Magwood. Please contact for mailing address. 

Online Private and Semi Private sessions

Magwood’s Martial Arts offers you so much material to work on. These 25 min sessions will allow you to receive corrections and to work in more detail on material that is important to you. Morning, Afternoon and Evening slots will be available. Schedule coming soon.

Private and Semi Private Class Pricing

Private lesson $30

Four Pack $100

Semi Private (two participants) $45

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Morning Sessions 







Afternoon Sessions

Tuesdays and Thursdays



Evening Sessions

Tuesday and Thursdays