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"If you have the opportunity to study with Greg Magwood take it.
Knowledgeable, skillful, friendly and supportive, Greg is a veteran martial arts teacher with a lot to share."
Sifu Sam Masich, Masich Internal Arts

Magwood's Martial Arts Online Training 2023 

 Monday Morning

9:30 to 10:15am - Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Internal Marital Arts

11:00 to 11:30am - Traditional Weapons Study 

 Wednesday  Morning

9:30 to 10:15am - Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Internal Marital Arts

11:00 to 11:30am - Kung Fu, Hsing I Chuan 

11:30am to 12:00pm - Kung Fu, My Jong Law Horn Pai

 All Online Classes will be recorded and made available to members on our Anytime Training Archive.

Train What You Want When You Want

All Access Online only - $60 

All Access Online and In Person Group Class Membership - $90

Access to all Live and Online Classes and Ongoing Unlimited Access to Recorded Lessons 

(sliding scale fees are available to make sure classes are accessible to all during these hard times please contact me for more details)

Contact us now to sign up.

Membership Fees can be made via Etransfer to , PayPal (, cheque or money order payable to Greg Magwood. Please contact for mailing address. 

Train What You Want When You Want

Your All Access Group Class Membership will include links to participate in all Live Zoom Group Classes as well as links to access the recorded class archive for anytime training or reviewing of the lessons from the month you have signed up for.

Past Months Lesson Archive

 $50 (unlimited access to an entire month's archived lessons) 

Free Sample Archive

Sectional Forms Archives

$40 Per Set Unlimited Archive Access

Traditional Martial Arts empty hand and weapons forms broken down into short instructional video segments

Use these for for learning or review.

Available Forms

Seven Star Praying Mantis - Sahp Baht Sau Form

Hsing I Chuan - Returning Fist #1

Hsing I Chuan - Retuning Fist #2

Chi Kung - Eight Pieces of Silk

Hsing I Chuan Five Fists

My Jong Law Horn Pai - Gun Li Kun

My Jong Law Horn Pai - Staff Set (Shepherd's Staff)

My Jong Law Horn Pai - Tam Tuey Set

My Jong Law Horn Pai - Saber (Si Fa Do)

Choi Li Fut - Moi Fa Gim (Plum Flower Sword)

Tai Chi Chuan - Beijing Form (Short empty hand set)

Tai Chi Chuan - Sword (Short Form)

Fighting Fan - Choi Li Fut

Coming Soon

Chi Kung - 20 Chi Kung

Chi Kung - Seven Star Boxing

Full Study Historical Weapons and Forms Courses

All the Live Feed Classes on the topic as well as the Full Sectional Archive
From the ground up. Foundational skills, practice drills and detailed lessons on each section of the form.

Seven Star Praying Mantis, Sahp Baht Sau  - $130.00

(24 1/2 hour lessons, 17 multi angled form breakdown videos)

Hsing I Chuan, Returning Fist #1 - $120.00

(13 1/2 hour lessons, 10 multi angled form breakdown videos)

Hsing I Chuan, Retuning Fist #2  - $120.00

(16 1/2 hour lessons, 10 multi angled form breakdown videos)

Choi Li Fut, Plum Flower Sword (Moi Fa Gim) - $130.00 

(19 x 1/2 hour lessons, 11 multi angled form breakdown videos)

Choi Li Fut, Fighting Fan - $150.00 

(25 x 1/2 hour lessons, 21 multi angled form breakdown videos)

My Jong Law Horn Pai, Shepard’s Staff -  $150.00 

(28 1/2 hour lessons, 19 multi angled form breakdown videos)

My Jong Law Horn Pai, Falling Snow Saber (Si Fa Do)  - $150.00

(40 1/2 hour lessons, 25 multi angled form breakdown videos)

My Jong Law Horn Pai, Make Work Fist (Gun Li Kun)  - $150.00

(35 1/2 hour lessons, 19 multi angled form breakdown videos)

Single Topic Archives

These archives are a collection of all the lessons taught on a specific topic. Ground up study on each topic.

Hsing I Chuan 12 Animal Study (38 half hour lessons) $150

Private and Semi Private Online Lessons

Magwood’s Martial Arts offers you so much material to work on. These 25 min sessions will allow you to receive corrections and to work in more detail on material that is important to you. Morning, Afternoon and Evening slots are available. You will not be disappointed in these sessions.

Private and Semi Private Class Pricing

Private lesson $25 (All Access Members $20)

Four Pack $90 (All Access Members $75)

book your session now.

 Contact me for options.

"Having Sifu/Sensei Greg Magwood move his exceptional skills and teaching abilities online has, for me, been an exceptional learning time.
In addition to the styles I was currently studying the format he has designed allows me to learn from many martial arenas, exposing me to new concepts, There are many studies to choose from and you can choose just one or any one that sounds interesting. The cost remains the same. You also receive an archival record of all of the classes to use for your ongoing study. I certainly use the archive a great deal. 
Remember, regardless of the current issues caused by COVID-19 making in person training difficult, your body and brain still NEEDS to move. I look forward to seeing you at class."
Sifu, Sandra Zabludofsky, Bancroft Tai Chi Club

Online Class Descriptions

Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Internal Martial Arts

Do your mind and body a favour and try out this program. Chi Kung and Internal Martial Arts offer so much to students of any age. Watch your balance, coordination and strength increase as your physical and mental stress decreases. There is a reason that so many people around the world participate in Tai Chi and Chi Kung. It works and it works on so many levels. Want to maintain and increase your health and wellbeing? Want to increase your fighting efficiency? Accomplish both and more. Participate in our guided workouts that focus on the Fundamentals and Foundations of effective efficient movement and stress reduction.  Keep fit and vital for life!

My Jong Law Horn Pai, Kung Fu 

The earliest written account of the My Jong system comes form the 13th Century. My Jong Law Horn Pai refers to “Lost Track Monk (or Lohan) system”. One of its main features is a sophisticated and surprising ability to change strategy on the fly and do so at very high speed. The opponent simply loses track of what is happening during an encounter. Graceful and highly effective. These classes will focus on the fundamentals and foundations of this diverse fighting system as well as teaching forms (memorized sequences of fighting techniques). Forms offer an excellent challenge both physically and mentally all the while teaching your body how to move fluidly and produce power efficiently. Build your core strength and range of motion while learning effective fighting principals and techniques. 

Hsing I Chuan, Kung Fu

Hsing I Chuan (Mind Form Boxing) is considered to be one of the three main styles of internal martial arts from China. Although it does not share the same slowness of motion with Tai Chi Chuan it shares the idea that power is developed from the inside and is expressed outward. Hsing I draws on Chi Kung principals to help increase the health of its practitioners. This supports the development of timing, rhythm, balance and speed. Outwardly Hsing I Chuan can seem sparse, the action takes place on the inside and can lead to truly explosive techniques. In this class we are studying the fundamentals and foundations of the system as well as the 5 fists and 12 animal forms.

Traditional Weapons Study, 

Why study historical weapons in a contemporary world? First of all because it is very fun. Weapons training has so many benefits both physical and mental.  Learning how to coordinate and become one with the weapon is a rewarding study. In these classes we will be learning the foundations and fundamentals of each weapon as well as learning a traditional form (memorized sequences of fighting techniques) using the weapon. Weapons work is an entertaining way to add some functional weight training to your martial arts and a new challenge to your coordination. 

To participate in these classes you will need some form of practice weapon. These can be simple pieces of wooden dowel to start. For the sword classes you will need one aprox. 30 - 36” you can also use a Kali/Escrima stick. For the staff class you will need a 5’ to 6’ piece. If you are limited with the space you train in you can use something shorter. Fan can be started with a ruler or a practice knife.


"I have looked at hundreds of YouTube videos - and have yet to find any that would supercede yours. You put so much thought into them"
Wayne Flood, Peterborough 

"My children have attended Greg Magwood's martial arts classes in Peterborough for years, along with their various other activities. Now that school is starting, with no school sports or clubs, and few other extracurricular activities available to keep our kids active and healthy, we'll definitely be logging into the online classes Sensei has been offering since the dojo had to be closed. The kids' classes provide a fun, full-body, full range-of-motion workout in a small space, while teaching practical self defense skills where the goal is not to win a fight, but to get away from someone who might mean them harm. The martial arts are difficult, demanding that they achieve balance, coordination, and a strong connection between body and mind. As they improve, they get a sense of achievement (beyond what they get from their parents and teachers), and develop the confidence to stand up for themselves.
PS. The adult/mixed classes are great too, especially if you want to thumb your nose at the aging process ;-). See you virtually there."
Eric Howe, Peterborough

"Under the instruction of Greg Magwood, I developed a great sense of self and community by pushing myself far beyond what I thought capable while developing friendships with people who helped me succeed and feel grateful. The best class to which I have ever belonged!"
Justin Huges, Melbourne, Australia 

"I have really enjoyed the Zoom Tai Chi classes for the past 3 months, learning something new each time.  I love being able to go into the archive to redo a lesson that I want to work on."

Linda H., Madoc ON

"I personally prefer the live feed and recorded classes to attending. Ultra convenient, stress free and if I have to miss because my day is not my own, I can do the class any time and keep up. I The commitment is there because I've signed on for the month, and the structure of the live feed makes me keep up, even if I have to do it in the evening rather than when the class is given. And I can do it if I am at home, or if I am away, All I need is my lap top and the wi-fi connection.   At the same time, Greg remains personable, helpful and encouraging to every individual in the class, even on screen. Classmates remain encouraging and friendly - every class begins and ends with time for chit chat among all. And Greg has  built  one-on-one with live feed back into his program options if you want to do that. 

I like that I can do class without having to get out of my pyjamas on a slow day, or switch out of my sweaty grimies on a day when I've been running dogs all morning first.  I like that I can repeat classes when my concentration has failed and at the same time, there are new classes every week, so it feels alive, new and current even when done from recording.  I like that when I'm having a crappy day, I can sort of do class anyway, no one is watching! And then my day gets better because guess what - it wasn't such a crappy day after all! 

Thank you Greg for persisting in making this work.  This program is an excellent example of coping with COVID and I have shared it with many others to inspire and encourage them in developing new ways to continue to reach out and be an effective  community of people with knowledge and skill to share for the betterment of us all." 

Bonnie Sallans, Madoc ON

"Given that we can’t practice together I’m finding the zoom classes with Greg to be very worthwhile. I would encourage anyone who is reluctant to give it a try. The instruction is excellent and audio and visual are very clear.   Any small technology glitches have been easily solved. Having access to the archived classes is great too!"

Cindy Conner, Peterborough ON

“I’m very happy that Sifu Magwood has posted updated schedules for this Fall. While the online classes don’t provide the benefit of immediate feedback, they still allow me to follow lessons and learn new material, as well as the obvious benefit of receiving a spirited workout (my muscles tell me so!) with each session.

Sifu Magwood’s decision to incorporate the newest technology to allow continual studies has been very beneficial for me. I can attend the virtual classes, and I can also take advantage of the Archives database he has set up, which I use for additional practice – and to catch up after a short holiday.

As he always is in live classes, Sifu Magwood’s martial art skills and knowledge, and his unique gift as a teacher, are clearly evident in our new Zoom sessions."  

Earl McClare, Tweed ON