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Looking for a way to offer your children fitness, confidence and discipline. Interested in very effective self-defense and street proofing for your family? Our Children's and Youth Martial Arts program is just what you are looking for. A fully professional and internationally recognized martial arts program including The Smart Fighters Get Home Safe street proofing program. Watch your children excel and their confidence grow as they move to higher and higher belt levels. Their eye on the goal of becoming a black belt.

Head instructor Sensei Greg Magwood has over 25 years experience in more than 5 styles of martial arts including a 6th degree Jiujitsu black belt, a 2nd degree Karate Black belt and Instructor level (Sifu) in Chinese Kung Fu. Sensei Magwood is a level two coach with the National Coaching Certification Program. Principals, Teachers and Police Officers all know the great benefits of martial arts training for Children. Give your children the opportunity to excel.

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 Magwood's Martial Arts Children's Programs

Smart Fighters Get Home Safe

Street Proofing Program

Smart Fighters Get Home Safe

Street Proofing Program

The Smart Fighters self defence program focuses on the learning and applying of an emergency action plan. This Smart Fighters emergency action plan helps to prepare a child for success in a physical threat situation. The program is aimed to help increase the children's self confidence by giving them the tools to feel prepared for an emergency. Studies show that attackers often choose their victims by their outward lack of confidence. Having an emergency strategy you trust is key to feeling confident. Escape is the first priority in any attack situation. The Smart Fighters program gives practical tactics and techniques to help your child escape a physical attack. Be Safe, Be Smart, Get Trained.


We are so appreciative of the understanding and care you give to your students.  I would consider it to be the benchmark for martial arts schools.

Jamie Stephen, Peterborough ON

"Sensei Magwood is probably hands down one of the best role models you could ever imagine a child to look up to. Not only does he teach karate at a level kids can understand, but he teaches respect, discipline and self worth. He takes the time to hear the kids when they are hurt or maybe need a break, but at the same time gently pushes them to strive to their best and celebrates their achievements with them. He's as proud of them as they are of themselves and wants them to succeed and become the best they possibly can be. This was the third karate class we tried when my son initially showed an interested in karate thanks to a review from a past student and I'm so glad we did. This class was way beyond my expectations."

Jodie Parent, Trenton ON

Hello Sensei,

We would like to thank you for the continued instruction you gave both our sons Eduardo and Felipe for nearly 10 years. The skills they learned in the dojo have made them stronger both mentally and physically. We were always touched to hear your words of encouragement and to see them progress by having their efforts recognized.
We wish you success with your students.
Best regards
Maria and Tomas, Belleville, ON

"My son Ayden has been going to Magwood's Martial Arts since last September.  He has been involved with martial arts before, but lost interest due to the waiting around and lining up.  Greg Magwood always keeps the children engaged and moving around.  He uses the higher belts as leaders and they all work as a team.  Ayden is learning self defense, self-control and discipline and is learning to actively listen, not only to Greg but to the other children as well.  He loves going there and learning with the group and feels he is a part of something, which I know he hasn't felt anywhere else.  Greg's philosophy resonates with me as a parent and I believe this is an incredible experience for my son to be a part of."

Amanda Camacho, Peterborough ON 

"I've studied many styles through various teachers - I've been through the YMCA program as a teen and into Jhong Park Tae Kwon Do and then into various kung fu studios. When I met Sifu Magwood it became apparent quickly that I had met a teacher that spoke to me in a way that no other had ever done. Sifu is like still water - he listens, he observes in a powerful and respectful way. He does not need to raise his voice or try to impress us with his skill. Even in a class of 6 to 12 year olds he holds them raptured with his soft intensity. My wife and I are both students, as are our 6 and 10 year old. We are so very happy to have Sifu in their lives. Combine that soft and powerful listening style with his personal coaching and very high level of skill and you have a wonderful opportunity to learn from one of the very best martial artists teachers you will ever meet."

Jodi, Peterborough ON