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February 2023 Parents Update and Smart Fighters Handout

Posted by magwoodma on February 1, 2023 at 2:35 PM

In February we will be starting the Smart Fighters Get Home Safe self defence program. The program focuses on learning and applying an emergency action plan. The emergency action plan helps to prepare a child for success in a self defence situation. The program is aimed to help increase the children's self confidence by helping them feel prepared for an emergency. Studies show that attackers often choose their victims by their outward lack of confidence. They do not want to risk attacking a difficult target.

Escape is the first priority in an attack situation. The Smart Fighters program gives practical tactics and techniques to help your child escape a physical attack. We are using games and scenarios that involve the students being able to memorize their emergency contact information and how to use the 911 services. Please encourage your child to ask you about your families’ street address and phone numbers and help them to memorize this information. The Smart Fighters program encourages every child to know the home address and phone number of a primary and secondary contact. I have included a Smart Fighters hand out to help your child remember their emergency self defence procedures. Please feel free to work though the material with them.

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