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Parents Update Jan 2023

Posted by magwoodma on January 5, 2023 at 11:25 AM

January is New Student Registration Month

All month we are encouraging new students to join our great programs. New white belts keep a club strong and vital. Word of mouth and personal recommendations are the best advertising we can get. If you are happy with the program please pass the word that
we are opening our doors to new students during the month of


Adult And Teen Programs - January Free! Why not try a class yourself?

You will not find a more fun and educational
way to get in shape. Lots of parents and family
members are now training thanks to our Adult
and Teen program for ages 13+. Come out to
get in shape, learn some self defence and
make some great friends along the way. Maybe
even set your eye on the goal of becoming a
Black Belt. Don’t be shy to give it a try. Take advantage of our great family rates and Join our Adult program. Build a strong bridge between you and your child.
There are programs on Mondays (Tai Chi and Kung Fu) and Wednesday (Jiu Jitsu). Full details on the web site.

Have a child in the Children’s and Youth Program? Get January Free in the Adult Program.

Get a coupon for January classes free of charge in any of our Adult and Teen Classes. Keep it for yourself or pass it on to friend.
ffer available to new students only)

To contact me: 613-849-0170 ( email - Greg Magwood , Instructor.

The World of Martial Arts Weapons

In January I will bring in training weapons from various martial arts. Each one has a story and some history to share. Some lucky students each week will get an opportunity to hold and be coached on a technique of the weapon being shown.

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