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April 2021 Update

Posted by magwoodma on March 29, 2021 at 4:00 PM

Magwood’s Martial Arts April Update Update


Spring is here and so is another great month of Online Training. Don’t forget to sign up for April’s Classes.


What’s new for April?


New Weapon and a New Form


My Jong Law Horn Pai Saber (Si Fa Do, Falling Snow Saber)

After months of solid study we have completed the Study of the Staff for now. I am very proud of the students who worked so hard to pick up the foundations of the weapon and the very complex Shepherd's Staff Set. All those lessons and the Sectional Archive of the Staff are still available if you would like to review or take on the study.


Onto the Saber!

The iconic single edged sword of China. We will be taking our look at the Saber (Do) from the perspective of the My Jong Law Horn Pai System and the Si Fa Do Set.

Jump in as we learn the foundations of the weapon and progress to learning the Falling Snow Saber. One of the most beautiful and deadly sets to learn.

Local martial artists I have one wooden practice saber available for purchase for $45.00. You do not need a saber to participate another style of practice sword or a piece of dowel will get you started.


Hsing I Chuan

March brought us to the end of our look at the 12 Animal Forms of Hsing I Chuan. After months of study we have looked at all of the 12 Animal Forms. As always these subjects are a lifetime study and the lessons will be available on our archive for review or new study.


Introducing the Returning Fist #1 Set.

Blending your knowledge of the Five Fists and the 12 Animals the Returning Fist #1 Set is a nice compact set that blends aspects and movements from both the Elements and Animals.

Haven’t studied the Elements or Animals? Thats OK the Returning Fist can be a stand alone study and a great entrance point into a study of the fantastic style of Hsing I Chuan.


Sectional Studies of Forms

There has been a really positive response to the individual form archives. Many people are accessing them as part of their weekly study.


Available Now

Tai Chi Beijing Form

Moi Fa Gim (Choi Li Fut Double Edge Sword Set)

Shepard’s Staff (My Jong Law Horn Pai Staff Set)

Five Element Fists of Hising I Chuan

Tam Tuey

Tai Chi Double Edge Sword (Gim), Short Form


In progress and available soon

20 Chi Kung

8 Pieces of Silk

7 Star Boxing

Fighting Fan

Sup Bat Sow (7 Star Praying Mantis)



These section studies are in their own separate archive collection. They go through the forms a few movements at a time from multiple angles from opening to closing. They will be an excellent tool for remembering forms you have learned or picking up the base movements of a new set. If there is any set you would like to see let me know.

For a limited time I am introducing the archives at a reduced cost of $25 for unlimited access to the archive. Payment can be made by etransfer to (security question answer martialarts)



I am still trying to grow the online club and could use your help. Encourage others to give it a try.

Staying fit both physically and mentally is a challenge during the COVID shutdowns and we need to be creative in finding ways to stay active and positive. Martial Arts training can accomplish this. Please pass on this info to anyone you think would benefit from training with Magwood’s Martial Arts.

Online Learning is available as both Scheduled Live Interactive Classes using the Zoom platform and recored lessons on the Anytime Training Lesson Archive (hosted by LifeTales). The live Zoom classes are posted to the LifeTales archive on the same day as the classes.. With online training scheduling and location will not stop anyone from being able to participate.


Sample Lesson Archive

I have created a sample archive on LifeTales. This archive has a sample of each of the weekly classes as well as some bonus material. Please feel free to pass this link on to anyone you feel would enjoy and benefit from the programs.


Magwood’s Martial Arts YouTube Channel

Please subscribe and share,


Affordable Access to High Quality Online Training

I am using an All Access Membership model to make it affordable for every one to participate in any classes on offer. One price gets you the Virtual Dojo Link and ongoing access to the Anytime Training Archive for all that months lesson. That is eight Live Zoom classes a week for a single price. Membership is $60 a month for Adult membership, $40 a month for Children’s membership. Family rates are 50% off for all additional family members.


Past Archive Access

Travel into the past. Access lesson Archives from previous months. If you would like to go back and check out past lessons you can purchase access to previous months archives. $50 for a full months lessons. 36+ lessons for only $50.


Private Lessons

It has never been easier to train one on one with me. Affordable personalized training in your own Zoom Room Dojo. Work on any topic you like. Get feedback corrections and a personal class archive to review your lesson as many times as you like. Students who have participated in these sessions were very very happy with the results. All Access Members will get a discount on Private Lessons.


The shut downs and social distancing rules have been particularly hard on the Martial Arts World and many instructors are struggling to keep their clubs alive. Please, Please consider giving our online program a try. I am certain you will have a positive learning experience.


Full details including class descriptions and testimonials are up on the website,


I look forward to “seeing” you all soon.


Sensei/Sifu Magwood



Magwood’s Martial Arts Online Live Zoom Platform Group Classes April 2021

April 6th to 29th 2021


Tuesday Morning

9:30 to 10:15am - Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Internal Marital Arts

11:00 to 11:30am - Traditional Weapons Study (Fighting Fan)

11:45am to 12:15pm - Fighter Fit (all ages)


Wednesday Evening

NEW! 7:00pm - Kung Fu, Hsing I Chuan (Returning Fist #1)

7:30pm - Kung Fu, My Jong Law Horn Pai (7 Star Praying Mantis)


Thursday Morning

9:30am - Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Internal Martial Arts

NEW! 11:00am - Traditional Weapons Study (Saber)

11:45am to 12:15pm - Children's and Youth Martial Arts


All Group Classes will be recorded and made available to members on our Anytime Training On Demand Archive.

Train What You Want When You Want


All Access Online Group Class Membership

$60 a month Adult Membership $40 Children's and Youth Membership Past lesson archives $50

Sectional Form Study Archive $35 per set (active online members $25)

(50% off for family members from same household.)

(sliding scale fees are available to make sure classes are accessible to all during these hard times please contact me for more details)

Contact us now to sign up.

Class fees can be made via Etransfer to please use martialarts for password answer, PayPal (contact for PayPal address), cheque or money order payable to Greg Magwood. Please contact for mailing address.


Train What You Want When You Want

Your All Access Group Class Membership will include links to participate in all Live Zoom Group Classes as well as links to access the recorded class archive for anytime training or reviewing for the month you have signed up for. Want to access archives of previous months lessons? $50 for a months lessons. Archive access does not expire.


Online Private and Semi Private sessions

Magwood’s Martial Arts offers you so much material to work on. These 25 min sessions will allow you to receive corrections and to work in more detail on material that is important to you. A;; private lessons include a personal archive of your session for anytime review. Morning, Afternoon and Evening slots will be available. You will not be disappointed in these sessions. Can’t find a lesson time that works for you? Contact me for more options.


Private Class Pricing

Private lesson $25 (All Access Members $20)

Four Pack $90 (All Access Members $75)

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