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Excellent Instruction in Traditional and Modern Martial Arts

Magwood's Martial Arts

Under the guidance of head instructor Sifu/Sensei Greg Magwood, Magwood's Martial Arts has been offering classes in traditional and modern martial arts since 1994.

It is the goal of Magwood's Martial Arts to deliver a high quality martial arts experience. Classes and seminars are available in a wide range of Martial Arts Styles and topics.  

Weekly classes in Kung Fu, Canadian Jiu Jitsu, Tai Chi Chuan and Chito Ryu Karate are offered at,

Peterborough Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Jiu Jistsu

Madoc Tai Chi and Internal Martial Arts,

Trenton Jiu Jitsu, Kung Fu and Karate

Marmora Jiu Jitsu Kung Fu and Karate

Seminars are available at one of our locations or at your preferred location.

Please feel free to explore our web site and contact us with any questions you may have. Hope to see you at a class or seminar soon.

all questions can be directed to:

you can also visit our facebook group

Sensei/Sifu Magwood's Bio

CJC Black Belt Exam Preparation Clinic
Want to take your preparation for Black Belt Seriously? Come out and get some coaching. Open to all CJC affiliated clubs.
Suggested Green belt and up. CJC affiliate instructors are encouraged to attend.
The goal of the clinics will be to cover all the material in the CJC Shodan grading. Clinics will also include training tips for conditioning and a discussion about the grading boards expectations for a passing grade.

CJC Black Belt Exam Preparation Clinic
w/ Sensei Paul Fox 7th Dan (CJC grading board member) and 
Sensei Greg Magwood 6th Dan.

Saturday Feb 16th 10am to 12pm
Saturday March 30th 10am to 12pm

Peterborough Multi-sport Club
275 Rink St. unit 14, Peterborough ON

cost is $25 for one clinic and $45 for both.

to register contact Sensei Fox - or 
Sensei Magwood -, txt 613-849-0170

Class Updates March

Smart Fighters Get Home Safe! Street Proofing and Self Defence Course 
This highly regarded course will be taught in all Children's and Youth Programs during the month of March.
March 5th Staff (long stick) class Trenton
March 6th Single and Double Stick class Peterborough
March 7th Single and Double Stick class Trenton
March 11th to 15th March Break
March 23rd Sensei Guest Seminar Trenton
March 28th Boxing Cross Training Class Trenton
March 30th CJC Black Belt Preparation Clinic Peterborough